I recently composed a product design drop of compression arm sleeves, winter headbands and sport headbands for Hoo-rag MFG. Displayed are a handful of designs I created with the corresponding hero images for the website.
All these designs are original. Some have hand-drawn assets incorporated into the patterns.

Since they can easily be taken on and off, compression arm sleeves are commonly used by fishermen as a way to be able to wear short sleeve shirts throughout the day while staying protected from the sun. This is the main niche I targeted with these designs but I didn't want them all to be exclusive to just this one group. Therefore, I created the US flag design and made the water camouflage pattern have a tie-dye texture so there could be some cross-sell into other niches as well. The topographical design and the tie dye pattern also could do well across other groups therefore, they may be offered in more color options in the future. 
Most of the winter gear I design is made to appeal to snowboarders and skiers since these are the primary purchasers of our fleece headbands.  A common trend I saw while researching the latest snow gear was that this niche leans toward cool, bright colors, Pictured here, are some of my latest designs. I used original patterns and appealing color palettes to target this this winter niche. 
The Hoo-rag sport headband niche consists of about 80% women and a lot of them use headbands for their fitness needs. These are 4 of the newest designs that have had the best sales to date.
The first one is based on a Strava Map because of how popular the app is to runners and bikers. I also added a little crown to the branding tag to give it another play on the app. The other three are abstract designs with bright color palettes that through fitness headband research, seem to do well for competitive companies. So, going on the idea of needing to be bright, I created these original designs.
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